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The difference between a Planner and Stylist

I've often noticed a lack of understanding about what the term 'event stylist' actually means. In fact there is also often confusion about the difference between roles, such as wedding and event planning, co-ordinating and design & this is a breakdown of what those terms actually mean and the services they include.


An event or wedding planner is responsible for (yes this should be a simple guess) for planning an event or wedding. Planning entails the logistical process of preparation over a period of time in the lead up to the event. Planning services can include sourcing a venue, recommending and organising suppliers, checking contracts, managing the budget and payments, and creating a time-line for how the event will unfold from start to finish. It's about creating the foundation that will make an event a success, and usually includes attending the event for a set amount of time, to ensure it unfolds smoothly. Event planners will liaise with the venue and suppliers, and take care of any unexpected issues that may arise, meaning clients can be fully present to enjoy their wedding or event, without any concerns. With the planning service we offer, we can tailor our services to provide the help a client needs - from just a little guidance, to complete planning.


An event or wedding coordinator has no involvement or responsibility for planning the details of an event or wedding. Instead they're simply responsible for taking over once the client has booked and planned all the suppliers. A co-ordinator usually provides assistance one month prior to the event or wedding. They'll liaise with all the suppliers and on the day oversee the setup and execute all the details that have been pre-planned. This also enables clients to be fully present to enjoy their wedding or event, knowing the co-ordinator has taken care of all the details.


An event designer will create the look and feel of a wedding or event. The design isn't reliant on any other external suppliers, with the design process completely in-house, offering the benefit of working with one company. Working closely with the client, the event designer is completely responsible for bringing the clients ideas to life, developing the creative vision and producing a visual concept, mood board and colour palette. The event designer will present all the styling elements needed to deliver the vision. These can include everything from designing invitations, signage & stationery, to sourcing furniture, linen, tableware and florals, custom making any special items to deliver a beautifully cohesive event. Event designers will carefully select all the flowers based on the colour palette. On the day the stylist is responsible for creating all the floral arrangements, onsite installations, and with attention to detail implementing the concept.

I hope this has helped explain the different roles, and if you're considering working with us, we offer all these services. As we've found every client has vastly different requirements, budgets and ideas for their event, we offer a custom approach and will tailor our services to provide the support each individual client needs. #weddingplanner #weddingcoordinator #weddingstylist #differenceplanningstyling #weddingroles #nzweddingplanner #nzweddingstylist #nzeventdesigner



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