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Continue PLANNING your perfect wedding

Our FREE Wedding Planning Guide gave you the essential steps to start planning your wedding. If you found this guide helpful, The Ultimate Wedding Planner continues in the same format, packed with over 40 pages of advice, worksheets. Our planner will guide you step by step through how to plan your wedding, following our complete planning checklist.

This detailed wedding planning checklist includes a list of all the tasks to plan your wedding and ensure nothing is forgotten. This is such a fantastic checklist that Canterbury Bride Magazine print it in every publication of their magazine.


Having a wedding timeline, also known as a run-sheet, is critical to ensure everything you want is included and your day unfolds as smooth as possible. Working out the timings can be daunting, so we're sharing tips on how we create timelines for our couples.



and will be the 'bible' you can't do without!

You get guidance by professional Wedding Planners from The Event Boutique, with the same information we give couples when we plan their weddings, but WITHOUT the need, or cost, to work one-on-one with us!

We know this is an incredible offer, as we're giving you everything you need to plan your wedding.

Following our guide will eliminate all the uncertainty about how to start and what to do. Finally, you can stop feeling stressed, or overwhelmed by all the information overload online. Stop searching, stop reading blogs, stop looking for checklists, because The Ultimate Wedding Planner, designed for New Zealand couples, contains everything you need to plan your wedding.


The Ultimate Wedding Planner will be the 'bible' that'll help you feel organised, in control, and supported, with a plan and guidance to tackle planning your wedding, one step at a time. But we know you might not take our word for it, so here's what other's have said about using our planner:


"I just got engaged and spent hours researching what to organise and when. It's hard to find something with all the info in one hit, so to come across one that is specifically designed for kiwi brides is brilliant!"


"The guide really is super helpful & beautifully put together!"


"Finding your guide was such a relief, and the spreadsheets are super helpful."


Other New Zealand Wedding Planning Guides range from $70-$150 which makes our Ultimate Wedding Planner at $45 incredible value. You get the professional guidance of a Wedding Planner, without the price tag of working one-on-one!

And it's an instant download, so after paying you'll get to instantly download the planner, and can get right into the planning, without having to wait for a book to arrive in the mail.

GET YOUR GUIDE NOW....for an unbelievably low price

Buy The Ultimate Wedding Planner

for the low price of

only $45



Yes that's right! We're so confident in the value of The Ultimate Wedding Planner, that we guarantee your satisfaction. If after 30 days reading and following the advice in the planner, you haven't found it's made planning easier, or given you helpful advice, we’ll give your money back!

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