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Ways to Wed differently following the impact of Covid-19

As much as Covid-19 has devastated couples planning to marry and celebrate surrounded by their loved ones and all their friends, with many postponing, the impact of Covid-19 also brings a very unique opportunity. I’ve always been a lover of doing things differently. Of not following the norm. And I’ve seen Weddings slowly change from couples feeling they have to include certain traditions and follow set guidelines for how to get married, to couples creating an experience that’s a genuine reflection of who they are, and celebrating in a way that is unique to them.

So this is the silver lining that can emerge from Covid-19! To Wed Differently! So I’m writing this to encourage all the couples planning or starting to plan their day, and those considering how to re-shape their day, to take this opportunity to consider the following ideas of how to wed differently.

Wed Now – Party Later!

If the most important factor is getting married and saying I-Do, and actually becoming husband and wife, consider having an intimate wedding ceremony, then partying later. Surrounded by your parents and besties, this creates an opportunity to have a stunning, utterly beautiful wedding ceremony that is truly personal and all about becoming husband and wife. It takes away all the pressure and nerves of being watched, speaking in front of a crowd, and provides the opportunity to have an even more heart-felt and emotional ceremony. And if you Wed Now, Party Later, this gives you the opportunity to spread the costs over a longer time-frame, which can help take any financial pressure away.

Wed Now – Have Your Dream Ceremony!

Another consideration, is that pretty much every bride-to-be saves images from Pinterest of spectacular ceremony setups. But those have usually cost thousands, so we create simpler versions of them. But if you Wed Now, then Party Later, this can allow you to re-work your budget, and add more for the ceremony. You could up the lush factor, have a tumbling floral backdrop, stunning décor, and have your Dream Ceremony! Can you imagine the romance factor!

Wed Now – At A Destination Location!

There are so many stunning locations throughout New Zealand, that if you Wed Now, you could have a destination experience. And considering we’ve been in lock-down, there could well be some amazing travel deals and rates for beautiful holiday homes on offer soon. A few locations that come to mind for me are Queenstown, Waiheke Island, Bay of Islands.

Don't be put off by winter, as this brings opportunities for layering of wraps, cuddling in a blanket, roaring fires and a dress that is totally unique. I'm all for sequins and colour! Can you imagine the exhilaration and lifetimes memories of photos like these by the very talented Jim and Vicky Pollard

Wed Now – The Very Best!

Having an intimate celebration can allow you to have the very best you could ever wish for! From a few bottles of french champagne, to stretching to the dress you really wanted. Then celebrating with an intimate dinner party at a stunning location, catered by a private chef. Something you may not have been able to afford for the entire wedding, but for an intimate celebration, could now be a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

My top choices would be the spectacular Britten Stables (pictured above) Hulbert House in Queenstown, which both offer luxury accomodation, or of course a holiday home – now wouldn’t that be a luxurious experience!

Chefs that specialise in private dining, that I love are The Bespoke Chef, and Chef Sam Campbell

Wed Now – Buy a House!

This is another opportunity to do things differently. If you’ve been saving towards buying a house, with the impact of Covid-19, there is the possibility this may bring a change in the real estate market. It may be worth considering delaying your wedding party, and buying earlier.

Wed Now – Keep it Simple!

And of course there are ways to cut back costs, and create a simple yet personal wedding ceremony. Brainstorm with your partner what you really enjoy, and consider whether the plans you had in mind, if you could compromise and create something totally different, unique to your interests and what you both love. For example, if you love the great outdoors, have a relaxed boho style, you could wed in the middle of a lush forest…

Wed Now – Plan an Overseas Trip!

Following the theme of getting married now, then doing something differently later. Instead of the traditional wedding reception, you could plan towards a trip either just the two of you, or with your family and friends. Find the best deals for a large holiday home, a villa complex in Bali, a resort in Fiji or your favourite destination. Again there is likely to be great travel deals due to Covid-19. So you could aim towards a trip in 18months, and party with everyone as your wedding celebration! You could make it a cocktail theme, and take your wedding dress and wear it again, play the video of you getting married. So you get to experience the romance, all over again!

So these are just a few ideas to get you thinking about ways to wed differently. I would suggest brainstorm ideas to identify what is most important to you. Have fun with it, as it’s about creating or re-shaping a day that is a reflection of your unique love story. Make it into a fun exercise. Start by letting go of everything you think you ‘should’ do, or have, when it comes to a wedding. Put on your favourite music, pop the champagne, or your favourite beverage. Make a platter of nibbles to share. Let your imaginations run wild and write down everything that comes to mind in as much detail as possible. Then talk through what you discover, and see what ideas you can develop to create a day that is completely and perfectly you…and incorporate what is meaningful to you as a couple.

Happy Planning

Lisa x



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