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7 Wedding Colour Trends I'm loving...for Styling weddings in 2021/22.

As I love creating beautiful spaces and keeping in touch with current trends, I’m always looking overseas to see what new colour palettes and products they’re working with. Seeing what’s being created in America, Europe and Australia is so inspiring, although with larger populations and bigger spending power, they have far more choices of fabulous hire furniture, beautiful linens, tableware, décor and styling products, than we have access to here in NZ. So it also often leaves me green with envy! Yet we can still incorporate aspects of what we see internationally and on Pinterest, into the look and feel of what we create. This is my guide to the colour trends I'm loving and how to use them.


Neutrals such as whites, creams, soft grey and blush pink will always be a classic and timeless colour choice. A modern way of using a neutral palette that I'm seeing done beautifully to style Weddings is a monochrome effect, by layering slightly different colours in linens, beautiful dinnerware and crystal glassware with patterns or texture, and menus, all finished with florals in the same tones in different hues. This can also be achieved with your bridal party, by incorporating a subtle texture into bridesmaids dresses in slightly different shades and styles, for a look that's beautiful, modern and unexpected.


Another take on a neutral look, and a colour I'm loving seeing is taupe in different shades, accented with soft champagne and metallics to evoke an ethereal, sophisticated vibe. This is all about texture, depth and soft subtle colours.


Burnt Orange, Olive or Sage, are popular colours to create a natural, organic and earthy style. This look works beautifully contrasted with timber, soft romantic table runners, rattan chargers, paired with toi-toi and masses of foliage.


The use of bold florals is a current trend overseas, that creates an opulent effect with pattern and colour with blooms and prints replicated in linens, dinnerware and menus. From stationery to floral napkins or for maximum effect for a small wedding, a striking floral tablecloth, luxurious textured tableware, finished with vases of overflowing garden style flowers is divinely beautiful. Bold florals are also being seen in fashion with some spectacular colours and styles, and Bridal designer Monique Lhuillier has used embroidered florals and lacework in her gowns..see the stunning dress below.


I'm also loving the colourful palettes that are bold, using a riot of colours for maximum impact to create a sense of fun, which is all about the more the merrier! Go big and bold with vibrant jewel tones, dramatic colourful florals, bright napkins, and have fun with modern stationery, signage and menus. Consider using a mix of different coloured dinner candles to create a dramatic statement. Or for a contemporary style a backdrop of streamers, balloons and neon signage.


Softer blues in shades of periwinkle, powder blue and dusky blue provide a pretty palette and green is also a strong colour choice that’s being seen in shades of pistachio, soft sage to dark olive and emerald.


Another colour I'm loving is a mustard-gold, or Tuscan Yellow, which used for a pop of colour with a napkin, table runner, candles and combined with contrasting peach, pink and earthy tones, this creates a rich and luscious look, evoking a European style.


With so much choice and inspiration these days, it can be overwhelming and confusing knowing what colour and style to choose for your day. So I recommend you start with creating a Pinterest Board, and save ideas of everything you love. Don't think about the costs or practicalities at this stage, as this is simply your starting point to search for ideas. Search for invitations, wedding colour palettes, ceremony backdrops and arches, wedding ideas, table settings, and save only the images that absolutely catch your attention, that you love. Then go back through the images and see if there is a common thread, as this is what we do when we look at your images to start creating your styling concept. It could be that there is a similar colour standing out, it could be a certain style, a shape or perhaps something meaningful to you both. See if you can identify anything that will give you a starting point, which is the one main items that helps build your style.

Most importantly during this process, and for every decision you make, remember to stay true to yourself and then you just can’t go wrong! Try not to get too caught up in the latest “trends”, or be influenced by the strong opinions of friends or family. This is your day, so consider and discuss honestly how you want your day to look and feel, what are your top 3 priorities, and what you want to experience. Keep this at the front of your mind throughout every decision you make.

Lisa x




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