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Waipuna Estate - a venue in the heavens!

Being in the event industry we visit many venues, and all have their own unique feel and benefits. In Canterbury following the earthquakes, many venues were lost and many had become tired and worn, and in dire need of updating. As we're often asked to recommend venues, we like to have a good range of options and price points, to present our clients. So this decline has been unfortunate. But thank goodness it's now beginning to turn, and we're seeing some amazing venues again.

When recommending a venue, what is always first and foremost in our mind, is that clients are celebrating a special occasion. Often it's a once-in-a-lifetime event. So once we've narrowed down the venues that fit within their criteria, such as location, capacity and price, we'll arrange a site visit. And what I believe is the most crucial factor to consider, especially for Weddings, and what we say to all our clients, is to consider 'how it feels'. To do this, you need to get out of your mind. You may already be feeling overwhelmed by all the decisions that need to be made, and the many choices and comparisons can become overwhelming! And this is exactly when you need to start to feel, instead of think! Stand for a moment in silence at the venue, take some deep breaths, and soak up the atmosphere. See if you can imagine and feel, your event or wedding taking place, right where you are!

One venue that I'd love to talk about, is Waipuna Estate. Set amongst native bush and perched in the hills above the Tai Tapu Valley, Waipuna is a secluded, luxurious property, with spectacular views across the Canterbury Plains.

In my opinion, it's a venue in the heavens. The first time I visited, I realised it's one of those properties that the images online, don't do it justice. The views took my breath away! So if you're looking for a venue that can host everything on site, from a garden ceremony, to seated dining for up to 85 guests, Waipuna needs to be on your list! What's even more appealing is when your event ends, you don't have to leave! Offering four accommodation suites, at the end of the night you can relax in the spa, then crash in a luxurious bed. Seriously...really, what could be better than that!

And added to all this, Merv, Sarah and the team are delightful, incredibly helpful and really will go out of their way to create a magical event for you. And I say this, because they even go out of their way to help us, as suppliers. It's just their nature.

So when you visit Waipuna, take my advice and stand in silence and soak up the ceremony location and the views. On a perfect day, there is nowhere that compares to it's utter beauty, birdsong and dramatic views.



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